Sunday, April 1, 2018

Costume fitting schedule April 7
Part 1:  need parent help for fitting day- please reply to Ileane Olson, if you can help

Dear WOZ Parents,

Our costume fitting day will be Saturday, April 7th from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Please come to the Flex Room at CSTC Studios at Koko Plaza.
This is a large undertaking with many costume changes for most of the actors. We are counting on several of the WOZ mom’s  whom will be able to work one of the 2 shifts (or both if you are so inclined) that day. It is a lot of fun, the actors are always excited to see their costumes, and you get to be there to share in their excitement and joy.

We will need 2 moms from 9-12:30pm
to help with labeling the costumes, hanging them up behind a divider with the actor’s name, keeping the fitting room somewhat tidy, help pin costumes for simple adjustments such as hems, and helping at 12:15 to teach the next shift of mom’s what you have been doing so they are ready to go at 12:30pm.
We will need 2 moms from 12:15-4pm
to help with labeling the costumes, hanging them up behind a divider with the actor’s name, keeping the fitting room somewhat tidy, help pin costumes for simple adjustments such as hems, and help our costumer Chris carry the costumes back to her car.

We will need 1 mom from9-12;30pm
who can help sew simple alterations ( please bring a sewing machine if you have one)
We will need 1 mom from 12:15-4pm
who can help sew simple alterations (please bring a sewing machine if you have one)

Thank you so much for volunteering,
With appreciation,
Chris, Ileane and Barb

Part 2:  Fitting schedule
FROM THE COSTUMER...........................(please reply all questions to Chris Harris - )

Greetings “Wizard of Oz” Parents,

I’m so excited, it’s costume fitting time which means performance time is getting close.

Please mark your calendars for Saturday, April 7th according to the following schedule.

 9:00 AM: Apple Trees: (Ashley Beall, Lily Weisbart, Cayley Meyer, Caroline Armstrong, Emily Fernandez, Kate Ehrnstrom)

Crows (Zasha Greening, Anna Tronco, Abbi Sprod, Brian Vansen, Maggie Wilkerson, Kailey Hansen

Winkie General (Arianna McCarty, Kaily Georgen)

11:00 AM: Munchkins who are NOT Apple Trees or Winkie General (Lena Gitkind,  Kalia O’Brien, Annika Jacobson, Jack Albenberg, Katie Beall, Lacy Thompson, riley Levine, Kenna Scherr, Maddie Armstrong, Daisy O’Brien, Muireall Braun, Antonina Monsolina, Makayla Heron, Addison Mc Neil, Lily Sabanosh, Lucy Piccolini, Bryn Post, Margot Jacobs, Lhadze Olsen, Emma Murphy)

1:00 PM: Aunt Em, Uncle Henry and Professor/Oz

2:00 PM: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Witch and Glinda

These fittings will take place at Koko Plaza 901 Front Street.

If you absolutely can’t make it at your scheduled time, please let me know when you can make it and come at another time slot that works for you. Please understand that your child will have to be patient and will have a longer wait.. It is best to follow the schedule.  There are A LOT of costumes to keep straight and the more organized, the better.  If it is not possible to make it at all on that date, please contact me directly.

Girls: please wear the undergarments you will be wearing for the show and a neutral colored, lightweight camisole  and "dance" shorts or other shorts.

Boys: please wear athletic shorts and a sleeveless shirt if they are not comfortable being shirtless.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of your young actors!

Thanks, Chris Harris


T Shirt orders
Happy April!   (no joke!)
We are finalizing our Wizard of Oz custom t-shirt this week!   Many of you ordered t-shirts through our initial registration process, however if you didn’t order a shirt at that time, there is still time to place your order.  Our Wizard of Oz t-shirts will be in a soft heather grey and will feature the show logo on the front and the names of all the actors on the back!  Sizes available are:
Youth M or L
Adult S, M, L
Cost is $20.00
We will have sample t-shirts (for sizing) available at our April 2 and April 3 rehearsals.  Our t-shirt order will go in on April 4th.
If you want to purchase a t-shirt, please send a check for $20.00 made out to CSTC with your actor to rehearsal on the 2 or 3rd.   Either include the size on the check or have them try on a sample shirt and tell Claylish the size to be ordered.
These t-shirts will be delivered around April 14 and are a lot of fun to wear before and after the show!
Parents are welcome to buy a show t-shirt for themselves too!
Feel free to contact me with questions
Final schedule sent by email
Hi Wozians!   Hope you are refreshed from Spring Break!
Below and attached is our schedule for our final few weeks.  This depends on you working at home to brush up on music, dancing and lines!  Otherwise we may need to squeeze in some more rehearsal time.  This is the fun part, though, where we add costumes, set pieces and really start seeing the show come to life!

Clarification - For Tuesday 4/3 - Kathe (choreographer) requested that our Ruby cast dancers in Merry Old Land of Oz ( just the 8 girls in the dance break) come to the Emerald Cast rehearsal so that she can work with both pairs of dancers together.  If there is any confusion about who this pertains to - please contact Jeanie.

Please check the schedule carefully as times have been added for our tech rehearsal days on Saturday, April 14 and Sunday April 15. 

Thanks for everyone’s hard work!
Jeanie and Lynne

Thursday, March 22, 2018

March 22, 2018
Dear Wozians and Families:
Oh spring is in the air, and we’re all ready for a break, but still some opportunities to get together this weekend and next week!

Friday rehearsal 3/23:  Specifically calling Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion for rehearsal.  All other actors are welcome to attend if you’d like some "one on one" time with the directors to rehearse specific parts.  We’d love to see you!  Please reply to this email if you are planning on attending.

Saturday 3/24:  All Hands on deck for set painting and prop building this Saturday 10am to 4pm!  (See specific info below)

Mon 3/26 and Tues 3/27 - No rehearsal scheduled, but we may still be working on painting sets throughout the week.  Please reply to this email if you’re available to help, and well also send out more information. 

Plan ahead:  We are ADDING a costume fitting day on Saturday, April 7.  Actors will be called in groups based on character.  We will send out specific windows of times when we learn more from our costumer. 

Date: March 24th, at regular rehearsal space (901 Front street)
Time:  10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Supplies will be provided but please bring any glue guns, scissors, paint brushes etc. that may be useful en masse.  (Remember to wear your paint clothes)
We will be toiling through the lunch hour so lets pot luck it!! Bring a food that you and yours can eat and share .

We hope many of you can make it. There's something so rewarding about sitting in the audience and seeing things you've put care into and created  on stage...including your kids. 😊

Below is a list of props that we are hoping some of you may have in your possession and be willing to loan or donate.
We may need to paint some Items to fit with our sepia scale , (think 1930s film and photos in tones of umber, dull brownish colors), in the opening scenes. For some things we could use washable tempera paints so the items can be restored to their former glory.

Vintage cruiser bike (preferably in dull tones of color)
Large Vintage milk Can
Old wooden ladder
Various Items of Farm Equipment...Bucket, Ladder, Horse tack, saddle, wash board and bin...etc
Wooden crates
Baskets that are small dog size

Thank you!
Jeanie and Lynne

Monday, March 5, 2018

March 4 - Tickets on sale tomorrow at

Great work today everyone!   There are a lot of fine acting choices being made!   Please take the time to get “off book” for scenes already blocked so that we can explore characters further!   Also please review music and choreography.  Let us know if we you need additional tools to practice at home. 

In other exciting news - tickets for Wizard of Oz will be available starting tomorrow, March 5th!  Tickets can be purchased online at
Tell your friends and family!   We’re attaching a pdf of the show poster you can print or forward to friends.  We’ll also have hard copies of the poster you can pick up at a rehearsal.  In addition we are printing business card size handouts which list the dates for the Emerald and Ruby casts.  Be sure to let your
 friends and family know which cast you are in!

Thanks for all the good work!
Jeanie and Lynne
March 4, 2018  Parent ads and sponsorship info!
Dear WOZ Parents - please see Ileane’s information below.  We have added all parents’ emails listed on our original audition forms in hopes of distributing information more widely.  If you receive this and don’t want to be included in additional emails, just reply and let us know!   We’ll be sending out information about ticket sales later today!
Jeanie and Lynne

Dear Cast Parents,

Attached you will find  information about purchasing Best Wishes ads in the program to support your actors. They really enjoy seeing their own special best wishes add.
We also have several levels of sponsorship opportunities available that would allow you to get your business’ information in front of over 1500 audience members coming from across the Front Range. Both types of ads are due to Ileane ( by  Sunday, 4/8/18.
Please remember that the Best Wishes adds are 1/8 of a page. Here are a couple of examples from previous programs
You have always been a star in our eyes
We are so excited to watch you shine as the Red Queen!
Mom, Dad, Johnny and Krissie
We could not be more proud to 
see you flying over Neverland,
Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Bobbi
Break a Leg!
We can’t wait to see what you accomplish next
Grandpa Elliott, Sara and Heather

Purchase Ads to Recognize your Actor
or Sponsorships for The Wizard of Oz!

Best Wishes Ads - $25 (1/8 page) - Parents, family members and friends may purchase an 1/8 page in the program for a performer in The Wizard of Oz! This is a great way to celebrate your performer of choice and provide a truly meaningful keepsake! Please send us a personalized message for the ad.

Sponsorships: Multiple benefits depending on the sponsorship level including program ad, mention of your company/organization before each show, your logo in the next newsletter and production website page and reserved seating and tickets for four people.

The Wizard of Oz “There’s No Place Like Home” Production Sponsor - $400
·      Full page ad in program (5.5 X8.5 with margins .25” all around)
·      Four complimentary RESERVED VIP tickets
·      Logo in program
·      Recognition of your business from the stage before each performance
·      Name and link in e-mail newsletters leading up to and at least one month after performances

The Wizard of Oz “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” Production Partner - $200
·      Half-page ad in program (5 X 3.875”)

The Wizard of Oz “Over the Rainbow” Production Supporter - $50
·      Business name listed under “Supporters” in program

For more information or to purchase any of these opportunities, please contact Ileane Olson at Deadline to submit ads (either as a standalone or as a part of your sponsorship) is 4/8/18.

Thank you for supporting our actors

Thursday, March 1, 2018

March 1, part 2!
Greetings all!
Just a reminder that Friday’s rehearsal is only for specific characters called:  5p - 8p Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin man, Lion,
6pm -8pm  Guard (added), Apple Trees, and these two actors Anna Tronco and Zasha Greening.

Sunday’s rehearsal will be by CAST - so
1p-330pm ALL Emerald Cast members
330pm to 6pm ALL Ruby Cast members

Shoe wear for the show:
All Characters (with exception of Witch and Glinda) will need black Jazz shoes.  If you already have these, please bring and wear them at rehearsal.  If you don’t have them - you may want to ask around to borrow shoes or look into buying online or at local dance stores.  I will get recommendations from Kathe of the best kind and post that.
Apple Tree girls will also need black character shoes.  Again - best to ask around and borrow if you don’t already have these, I have a couple pair I could lend.

Jitterbug Dance video reference
For actors in the Jitterbug dance please review these videos that our choreographer, Kathe, created!  Thanks to Kevin Cubillas for filming!

Jitterbug Group 1

Jitterbug Group 2

Jitterbug Leads

Thank you!   Keep up the good work!
Jeanie and Lynne

Costume fitting schedule April 7 Part 1:  need parent help for fitting day- please reply to Ileane Olson, if you can he...